Front Cover Technical Information

Your Folder front

The front of your Folder shows your name as you wish it to read, and also revealed is the full-length Pocket on the right, with the words Curriculum Vitæ shown as illustrated.

Your Folder will fit into a standard C4 sized envelope if you wish to Post your documents.

Using Board Backed ‘Please do not bend’ envelopes are recomended if Posting your Folder.

Inside Cover Technical Information

Your Folder inside

The Folder is shown opened here as it would look from above.

The inside of your Folder shows the full length Pocket on the right. This Pocket is glued permanently at the base. Your documents can slide in and out at the top, and from the side.

To the left, you can personalise details including name, address and contact information.

You may leave some or all of these sections blank if you wish to- you may just want to have your name at the top.

Back Cover Technical Information

Your Folder back cover

The Folder is shown closed as it would look from above and from the back.

There are no personalisation points on the back cover.

There is simply a continuation of the style line which matches the style that you’ve chosen.

Style 1 is shown here.

See the animation at the top of the homepage.