Terms and Conditions of use

At CVfolders we’ve set out to supply bespoke, fully made-up folders offering maximum quality and service at minimum expense.

But before you order- please read this section to ensure you understand our terms and conditions:

Standard turnaround times are one full working day from receiving the order to despatch by 1st class post the following day.
For example, let’s say we receive your order at any point during Monday. We print, cut-out and assemble your order on the Tuesday and despatch on Wednesday ready for 1st Class Post to deliver (not guaranteed) on Thursday. And sometimes we’re quicker, despatching on the same day as the order!

If you have the chance, plan ahead, don’t leave it until the last minute!
But when there’s no option, we understand- we have a RUSH ORDER section for next working day delivery.

CV Folders produced by Folderprint Limited are a fast affordable and professional way to present your CV/Job application.

Print of the CV document, covering letters or other inserts are not included with the Folder.

Folder size and Dimensions:
The overall dimensions are shown on the website- see the ‘Technical Info’ Tab.

The graphic simulation and CV Folders logo is purely a visual tool. They show how the Folder Cover is cut short to reveal the stylish full length Pocket and A4 sized CV document positioning. Proportion and Perspective are not necessarily accurate.

Pantone and CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) colour references where applicable are shown on the website.
It is important to fully understand:

1) Colours on your computer screen or monitor are made from positive RGB colour where Printed colours are made with subtractive colour that in this instance is reflected from CMYK inks or toners.
Consequently, you must not rely on the colour visual created by your monitor, even if it was professionally calibrated.
2) Any attempt to match colours (either by using Pantone references or printing from file) must use a professionally calibrated Printer with Densitometer readings set to sheet-fed litho print.
Colours will be affected by paper stock and/or lamination where appropriate.

We keep costs down and delivery is fast. Folders are finished, assembled and packed by hand not machine. Consequently, allowances must be made for very slight inconsistencies thru a manufactured run.

Folder Proofs and designs:
You may require just one Folder, or maybe you’d like to see a sample before you order 20. Well for just £17.90 including VAT & delivery, you may order a one-off bespoke CV Folder with all your required contact details. The Folder will be the same as a subsequent run if you decide to order more later.

Every attempt is made to deliver high quality hand finished Folders for presentation of CV’s and job applications.
However, occasionally discrepancies occur- either because of Postal problems or disputes, machinery breakdowns, human error and/or/other reasons, and delivery deadlines can be missed or the goods may be damaged.
If this is a fault of ours or a sub-contract firm we use for manufacture or delivery, our maximum liability on each order is a full refund of money paid, which may only occur after the goods are returned to us.

In plain English, our maximum liability on any order made to CV Folders (Folderprint Limited) is a full refund of monies paid.

Folderprint Ltd, Unit 7, Grange Road Industrial Estate, Geddington, Kettering NN14 1AL

*Delivery charges and guaranteed delivery is for UK mainland addresses only.