I just want my name on the front, but few if any contact details on the inner leaf. Can I do this?

Yes- when you order the folder and get to the ‘contact details’ section, just type in ‘LEAVE BLANK’ to (for instance) your mobile phone number or Email address or any section you’d like left without text or numbers.

What methods are there to pay?

At present, we only have the option to pay using your credit or debit card online using PayPal as our secure online payment processor.

But I don’t have a PayPal account, how can I order?

You don’t need to be registered with PayPal, because they accept most Credit/Debit cards and you pay in the same way as you would at any online shop.

I don’t want to order 20 and find that they’re not as I want, what should I do?

If you’re not certain about design or quantity requirements, you can order a one-off personalised Folder. For just £17.90 including postage and VAT, you’ll be posted a Folder to check on and use if required for that one-off meeting.

I’ve got sample magazines & books to enclose with my CV, will the Folders take them?

The Folder is designed to comfortably hold 12 sheets of 80gsm A4 paper. With some gentle squeezing, you might be able to enclose a thin magazine, but the Folders are not designed to hold books!

There is a problem with my order / I have a question not answered in the FAQ section, how can I contact you?

You can contact us via email at admin@cvfolders.co.uk. Our address is: Folderprint Ltd, Unit 7, Grange Road Industrial Estate, Geddington, Kettering NN14 1AL