Sample CV Covering letter

Date of application

Name, address and postcode

Other contact details including Email address

Employer Name and Company address in full


The letter begins:

In this Section, write briefly about the job that you're applying for and why you're the right candidate for this. We say briefly because this is not the CV. It's the first step to getting your prospective employer to go to step 2 (reading the CV) step 3 (gaining an Interview) and step 4 (getting the position).


So you'd probably start your letter like this:


Dear Mr Smith,


I write to you with reference to the position of Accounts Clerk advertised as vacant in the Daily Bugle.


The content of this first paragraph will now briefly show that you are a good candidate for the job.

Something like this:

The enclosed CV shows that my qualifications for the position of Accounts Clerk are (now state briefly what they are) which is exactly what I believe that you're looking for. And my additional skills in (list these if appropriate) may be particularly useful and complement (list situations when these extra skills might occur) your needs over this (list situation).


You may add a little extra sentence to open the door here as well if you deem it to be helpful- for instance:

I would like to add that my flexibility with regard to hours and holidays would fit perfectly with the busiest trading period within this industry.


So you're showing how the qualifications listed in the CV dovetail with the job that you're applying for. You should have researched about the particular industry or service the vacancy is in if you're not familiar with it.


Lastly, the closing paragraph to the covering letter will vary so much (depending on the section and type of work involved) but it should finish with how you look forward to the opportunity to meet-up at interview stage, and how much you'd like to be of service to the company for which you're seeking a new career with. And you may wish to thank the reader for his or her time in reading your covering letter (and hopefully CV too!)

As an example:

Thank you for your time in reading my CV and covering documents.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet you soon, where matters of detail can be discussed and confirmed.


You may have to list when you are available to meet if you can't be flexible here.

In general, get the flavour of your letter right- very polite and ordered, but not grovelling!

If there is time, read it through again a day or two later- it's more than possible that you'll want to add or change something.


Close the Covering Letter with your signature and your name typed underneath.

This completes the CV covering letter sample section.